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The History of Our Open Source ECP

Many of our community users have been asking us about an Open Source version of ECP, so we would like to answer a few of your questions here…

The original Open Source ECP offering (available as Enomaly ECP Community Edition under the AGPL license) was designed for cluster administration of virtual machines in small private cloud environments, and did not include the scalability and carrier-class features of our current products. The open source Community Edition of the ECP architecture was an important development stepping stone for us. Enomaly has since made many significant developments to our product line, and we encourage you to explore our technology.

Our current platform, Enomaly ECP Service Provider Edition, is a completely different product. The many differences between the Service Provider Edition and the Community Edition include:

Service Provider Edition

Open Source Offering –
Community Edition

(and forked versions derived from it)

Purpose / Application Carrier-class IaaS cloud service platform Administration of virtual machines in small private clouds
Multi-tenant Is fully multi-tenant at all levels (UI, APIs, administration, datastore) Is single-tenant
Scalability Scales to 100000+ nodes Scales to 5-10 nodes
Architecture Is based on an advanced message bus architecture for reliability and massive scalability Is based on a simple polling architecture
Availability Provides High Availability for customer workloads No HA capabilities
Self-Service Interface Has an advanced customer self-service interface Has a basic UI for sysadmins only
Capacity Controls Has a hard quota system to prevent any user from over-consuming cloud resources Has no quotas
API Has a customer-accessible REST API supporting monitoring, management, and automation Has no customer API
Back-Office Integration Has a powerful and complete administrative REST API supporting integration with provisioning systems, billing systems, and operational management and monitoring systems Has only a basic admin API
Accounting and Metering Has full billing support and detailed resource accounting Has no support for any form of billing or resource accounting
Virtual Private Clouds Provides virtual private clouds for users through multi-tenant interfaces and VLAN security Has no virtual private cloud or VLAN support; not multi-tenant
Support Fully support (7x24) available from Enomaly No support available
Documentation Has complete Administration, Architecture, and User Manuals Has a Readme file
Training Full training is available from Enomaly No training available
Licensing Available for license from Enomaly Inc. Available subject to the terms of the AGPL v3 Open Source license. Copyright and all other rights reserved, Enomaly Inc.

Current customer demands require that we focus on expanding our commercial offerings via the Service Provider Edition and the High Assurance Edition (scheduled for release this quarter) of ECP, while our future plans include continued support for Open Source versions of our product line. So please check back with us regularly.

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